Mission Statement

Recruit and unite home owners from all La Quinta communities to stop the commercial exploitation of our neighborhoods, to develop a vision to restore residents’ peace, quiet, safety and quality of life which are constantly being altered and disrupted by STVRs and to translate this vision into a city ordinance which the mayor and city council can enact.

Why Neighbors for Neighborhoods LQ was created?

The number of STVR’s have grown exponentially over the past several years bringing the problems created by STVRs to every La Quinta neighborhood.  STVR investors are not neighbors.  They are converting residential homes into weekend party houses destroying the quality of life for their neighbors. These short term renters routinely violate community rules, city ordinances and trespass on private property. Efforts to resolve these abuses by reporting violations and leveling fines have been ineffective. Requiring residents to be the first responders to enforce city rules compromise their quality of life.  Residents within proximity of a STVR want these problems eliminated and their quality of life restored. 

What Neighbors for Neighborhoods LQ  Will Do

—Recruit and organize residents from all La Quinta neighborhoods

—Survey residents in proximity of permitted STVRs 

—Create a vision for La Quinta neighborhoods

—Translate vision into draft city ordinance

—Advocate and lobby mayor & city council to enact city ordinance

—If you agree, let your voice be heard.  Become an advocate and join Neighbors for Neighborhoods of LQ (N4).