Actions to Solve STVR Problems 

What is a satisfactory outcome?  The goal for our community is to reduce home owner nuisance complaints toward zero/month/year/ever.  Let’s compare action plans to goal  

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STVR Ad-Hoc Committee Report 

The City of La Quinta commissioned a Short Term Vacation Rental Ad-Hoc Committee to study and report on the current state of STVRs and to make recommendations.  The final report was submitted 12/3/2020.   

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Legal Issues and Precedents

Selected Case Law Supporting City Ordinances 
Municipalities’ authority to regulate STVRs is within zoning power...     Ordinances restricting STVR not amount to unconstitutional “taking”....
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Example Cases upholding City Ordinances v. City of Santa Monica...  Pacific Grove Lawsuits and more....  Read More... 

Partial list of Cities successfully banning STVR

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La Quinta HOA’s STVR Restrictions, by community

HOA’s within La Quinta have imposed restrictions on rental vacation terms of 28 days, 30 days or more by HOA ballot initiatives!  See the List

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Our Interviews w La Quinta City Candidates

N4N’s discussions with La Quinta City representatives.

N4N Interviews

Are STVR’s subject to ADA?

Are Vacation Rental Properties businesses subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990?
Rocky Mountain ADA Center,   August 2018

This document is the result of a review of current legal institutional policy, and current legal opinions.  It is intended as a technical assistance document, ...

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